Man Spent 3 Months Behind Bars for Possession of Cocaine That Turned Out to Be Drywall

Karlos Cashe was released last week after spending 90 days in jail.

A Florida handyman is walking out of jail a free man after spending three months in jail earlier this year for possession of cocaine that was really drywall.

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Karlos Cashe was pulled over in Oviedo for a routine traffic stop when the police officer said he noticed a white powder in the man’s car. Cashe, a handyman by trade, explained that the powder was not drugs but drywall residue from his job.

The officer called for backup and a drug sniffing K-9 later alerted officers that narcotics were present in the vehicle.

When the officer ran a check on Cashe, they found he had been arrested in 2015 for marijuana and cocaine charges.

Cashe pleaded no contest to the 2015 charges. He was arrested and denied bond by a judge because it was believed he had violated his parole.

After three months behind bars, lab tests returned and determined the powder in his car was indeed drywall residue and tested negative for cocaine. Cashe was able to walk free last week.

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“I sat there 90 days knowing I was innocent,” Cashe told WFTV9.

The Oviedo Police Department has not returned a call for comment from

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