Stepdad Bursts Into Tears as Stepdaughter, 23, Surprises Him With Adoption Papers

Sadie Davila has regarded her stepfather as her actual dad for 10 years, and thanks to her surprise on Father's Day, it will soon be official.

A 23-year-old Texas woman already goes by her stepdad's last name, but thanks to a Father's Day surprise, they will finally make it official.

Sadie Davila has been looking to present Edward Davila with adoption papers for a while, especially with her upcoming graduation from Midland College, when she will achieve a degree in nursing.

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“I wanted to graduate with his last name,” Sadie told

On Father’s Day, Sadie presented Davila with a box with two gifts inside.

The first was a poem accompanied with an old photo of the two of them together. The second was a packet of adoption papers with a note saying, "Let’s make it official! Will you adopt me?"

Davila has been a part of Sadie’s life since she was 5 years old and when she turned 18, she thought the adoption was a lost cause. But that changed last year when she learned adults can be adopted.

“I found an adult adoption video and I found out I could do it,” she said.

With her mom’s help, Sadie decided to purchase adult adoption papers online and surprise her stepdad on Father’s Day.

His reaction was unforgettable.

In a video recorded by Sadie, Davila was speechless and kept rubbing his head while tears ran down his face. Eventually, Sadie sat down next to him and he hugged her.

“When you see him he doesn’t like to smile," Sadie said. "He’s a big teddy bear though and he’s never really cried in front of us and the whole family was crying."

Sadie says Davila has always been a part of her life, despite the fact that she's not his daughter by blood.

“He’s always treated me as his own,” she said. “It was just special for both of us.”

Davila also has two daughters with Sadie's mother, two girls ages 16 and 13, and a son, 11. The whole family is thrilled about the adoption.

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Sadie and Davila must now sign the papers in front of a notary and set up a court date. Sadie says she has an interview with her attorney on Thursday.

“I can’t wait for it to be official," she said.

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