California Highway Patrol Officer Rescues Kitten from Golden Gate Bridge, Takes It Home

The California Highway Patrol searched high and low to find a kitten stranded on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The call to the California Highway Patrol came from a concerned motorist who reported a tiny kitten stuck in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Patrol officers headed out for a look, but on their first pass over the bridge they didn’t see anything.

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So they turned around went back over the span on the opposite side.

That’s when they saw a “little furry head popping out” from a median barrier that separates northbound and southbound traffic, the Marin County CHP office reported.

Officers blocked traffic as they scooped up the little cat. Then they took the kitten to an animal hospital, where it was bathed and treated for scrapes.

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The cat had no collar or microchip and officers were stumped as to how the tiny creature made it onto the bridge.

Officer Matt Smith took the kitty home and will care for the animal until it recovers. Meanwhile, the CHP advises anyone who “happened to lose your little cat in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge” to contact the Marin office.  

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