Hollywood Actress Yvette Vickers Found Dead

Authorities discovered the nearly mummified body of Hollywood actress Yvette Vickers, which may have been lying undiscovered in her home for almost a year. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Yvette Vickers came to Hollywood with dreams of glory, a blonde beauty who graced the pages of Playboy magazine.

Vickers had a small part in the 1950 Hollywood classic Sunset Boulevard, which tells the story of an aging screen star living as a recluse in a gloomy mansion.

Little could the budding star have dreamed that down the line, her own life would mirror the plot of Sunset Boulevard.

Nobody had seen Vickers for a long time, so a neighbor went into her Beverly Hills home to check on her. What she found inside was shocking: the actress's mummified body. She had been dead for nearly a year.

"I can't even tell you if she was face up or face down because I just screamed and ran out of the house," said neighbor Susan Savage.

Savage, who found the body, was stunned by the condition of the house. It was a total wreck, inside and out, and the late actress was apparently a hoarder.

"[There were] piles of clothes, boxes on top of furniture, I assume, [because] you couldn't really tell where the furniture was," Savage said.

Vickers appeared in the Academy Award®-winning film Hud with Paul Newman, as well as the cult classic Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and she once dated Cary Grant. She has no known survivors.

Like the faded star in Sunset Boulevard, it seems the world had forgotten about Vickers. It is a sad and shocking end to her life at age 82.