Man Cleaning Out His Piano Discovers 2 Pipe Bombs Inside: Cops

The two explosives were considered a "legitimate threat," cops said.

An Alabama man cleaning out his piano was stunned to find two pipe bombs inside the musical instrument, cops said.

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The two explosives were considered a “legitimate threat” by Millbrook police officers, who closed the streets and evacuated the area around the home Sunday afternoon.

Cops said the homeowner called the cops after making the shocking discovery.

“Once our officers determined that there was a possible explosive device they relied on their training, which is to evacuate the immediate area, to include adjacent areas that may be threatened," said Police Chief P.K. Johnson.

A team of explosives technicians responded to the scene and were able to remove the bombs safely from the home as neighbors were evacuated.

Police reportedly said the homeowner is a suspect in the case, and had brought him down to the police station for questioning following the scare.

“That being stated, he did in fact call and report that he’d found the devices in his home and requested assistance,” Johnson said in a statement.

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He said police will continue their investigation and will “aggressively pursue felony criminal charges” if they determine who was responsible for the bombs.

“We do not need those kinds of devices in our city,” Johnson stated.

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