Tower of Bow Wow: Man Builds a Lookout Perch for His Dog

A dad in Hawaii hand-built a lookout tower for the family's "watchdog" on their lanai because the canine couldn't see over the walls.

"Check" out the view!

A 9-year-old Chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix named Check can always see when his master is approaching from his new, man-made tower on the patio of his new Hawaii home.

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Check recently moved to the property in Kailua with his family.

At their old home in Mililani, the protective canine was able to pleasantly watch his owners come and go from the window. However, in his new environment, he had a little bit of trouble.

“Here, he didn’t know what was happening,” owner Nicolas Sharrock told

The only option for Check was to go on the upstairs lanai, but then he faced another issue. He couldn’t quite see over the walls of it. So, he came up with an alternative.

"The landlord called the house because a neighbor found him on the roof,” Sharrock said.

That neighbor called the fire department after spotting Check atop the house, but Sharrock says the pup has good intentions.

“He just hated not knowing where we went,” Sharrock said.

As a result, Sharrock’s father came to the rescue, building a lookout tower for their little canine observer.

Made out of wood and some fencing, the lookout tower comes complete with its own roof and a custom ramp for Check to climb up.

“He just likes to thinks he’s a type of guard dog,” Sharrock said.

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Sharrock says Check is out there all the time whether he's alone or with the family. There’s even a built-in bar to the left of the fortress for the family to hang out with their watchdog.

“I think it’s pretty cool because my dad didn’t have anything to go off of, he just made it up,” Sharrock said. “I was actually surprised [Check] uses it so much.”

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