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Woman's Body Found in Walmart Bathroom 3 Days After She Went Inside

The woman was identified as 29-year-old Katherine Caraway.

A woman's body was found at an Oklahoma Walmart, three days after she entered the store.

Police outside Tulsa said Monday they'd found the body of Katherine Caraway in a locked, single-stall "family bathroom."

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It's a sad story that became shocking after Sand Springs Police Capt. Todd Enzbrenner revealed that video shows Caraway entering the room at about 6 p.m. Friday.

The 29-year-old never emerged, and somehow the locked bathroom was overlooked by staff.

At some point over the weekend, authorities say store employees placed a sign on the door saying it was out of order, KOKI reports.

Enzbrenner says store employees assumed that because the door was locked, something in the bathroom needed to be fixed.

While the cause of death remains undetermined, officials say it is not believed to be suspicious. 

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Walmart released the following statement on the sad incident:

"We are saddened by this. We don't know all the facts right now, but we are working closely with local law enforcement to provide what information we have that might be useful. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we must refer you to them for additional information." 

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