Fake News! Time Magazine Asks Trump to Remove Bogus Magazine With Him on Cover From His Resorts

Prior to Trump entering the political scene, he has only appeared on the cover of Time once.

A framed issue of Time magazine with Donald Trump on the cover, which hangs in at least 17 of his golf resorts from Florida to Scotland and found to be fake, has prompted the publisher to ask for their removal.

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The magazine cover, dated March 1, 2009, features Trump with his arms folded and wearing one of his signature suits and red tie, with the headlines: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS... EVEN TV!” and “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!”

A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake. https://t.co/MuSGC0sIft pic.twitter.com/LelsBsy6E0

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) June 28, 2017

The covers have been discovered near the pro shops of some of his clubs, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

"I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover," Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., said in a statement to the paper.

In reality, there was no March 1, 2009 issue and Trump did not appear on a cover of the magazine that year.

The Post has noted that the phony cover has subtle mistake on it, such as Time’s iconic red border, thinner than normal and not lined with white. It also features exclamation points in the headlines, which is not typically Time's style.

The bogus cover appears to have lifted headlines from the March 2, 2009 issue, which features Titanic actress Kate Winslet on the cover. It also adds the headline, "Global Warming: A New Age of Extinction."

Neither Donald Trump nor the Trump Organization has commented on the matter.

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While Trump's team remains silent on the matter, the same could not be said for social media, which had a field day with the fake news blunder.


— birdsrightsactivist (@ProBirdRights) June 27, 2017

POTUS pic.twitter.com/AWOBYWKDnO

— Doug Saunders (@DougSaunders) June 27, 2017

For Your Consideration pic.twitter.com/PfhAu5f7Nt

— Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB) June 27, 2017

Trump's fake @Time cover is as legit as this two-minute photoshop job. Is this why Trump thinks he's been on the most covers? (He hasn't.) pic.twitter.com/0VBh6egu8b

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) June 27, 2017

Prior to Trump’s foray into politics, he has only appeared on the cover of Time once — in January 1989. In 2016, he was named the magazine's "Person of the Year." 

The Trump Organization has not yet returned an InsideEdition.com request for comment. 

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