Jerry Springer Celebrates 20 Years of The Jerry Springer Show

Jerry Springer is celebrating his show's 20th anniversary, and he shares some of his favorite moments with INSIDE EDITION.

Fist throwing, hair pulling, and the famous chant, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

They are all the elements that make The Jerry Springer Show what it is today.

"What I do is a circus," Jerry Springer says.

Celebrating the show's 20th year, Springer tells INSIDE EDITION about a moment he'll never forget.  

"The guy who married his horse...well it's hard to forget the horse. I don't remember the guy, but the horse was beautiful," he says.

The Jerry Springer Show is known for its train wreck moments, like when women find out the men they're dating are really women!

Believe it or not, Jerry Springer was not always over-the-top. The show debuted in 1991 with a family reunion. Episodes also focused on politics, with distinguished guests like Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. But then, as everyone knows, the show went in a whole new direction.

And 20 years later, Springer reflects on what he's learned as the ringleader of his very own circus:

"I am no better than the people on our show and neither is anyone watching. Some of us use better language, or are taught better manners. But the actual behavior, you could go into the richest neighborhood in America, and do you think the behavior is any different? It's not as if rich people have cornered the market on morality, and that is the truth," said Springer.