Clever Cat Trades Out Litter Box for the Toilet: 'He's Been Doing It Every Day'

Simba the cat has watched her owner, Lisa Marie Barrett, use the restroom so many times that he has picked up the habit himself.

Just like Mr. Jinx the cat in Meet the Parents, Simba has been able to nix the litter box in favor of the same toilet his owner uses.

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Scenes of the 2000 film came to life as Simba, who's owned by Lisa Marie Barrett, was found on the porcelain throne in her London bathroom.  

"Last week I just caught him weeing all by himself, but at first I wasn't really sure what he was doing,” Barrett told Caters News.

When Barrett told her partner Nick and her co-workers, they did not believe her Brown Spotted Bengal could actually do it, so it became her mission to catch Simba on the toilet again, this time with a camera.

"I was really worried that it was just going to be one of those one-off things and he wouldn't do it again, but luckily he's been doing it every day since so I managed to film him,” Barrett said.  

In the video Barrett captured, her male feline can be seen sitting on the seat of the commode, and aiming into the bowl.

Barrett says Simba would often follow her into the bathroom and watch her, so she believes he is mimicking her actions.

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“It feels like I have a child who has used the potty for the first time,” she said. “I told him he was a very clever boy and I gave him a little treat."

She now hopes her other cat, Skye, gets the memo and starts using the toilet as well, so she can get rid of the litter box for good.

She's also imagining other possibilities for her smart feline.

"They are quite clever animals and now that I know [Simba] can do this, I'm going to try and train him to do other things,” Barrett said.

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