Baby Born at 35,000 Feet During Spirit Airlines Flight: 'He's Beautiful'

Luckily, a nurse and pediatrician happened to be on the plane as well.

This bundle of joy was born a frequent flier after his mother delivered him on an airplane.

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Christoph Carsten Lezcan recently came into the world at 35,000 feet on a Spirit Airlines flight headed from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to Dallas/Fort Worth.

The baby’s 35-year-old mother, Cristina Penton, who was 36 weeks pregnant and traveling with her two children, wasn’t expected to go into labor anytime soon, but the child had other plans.

A nurse and a pediatrician just happened to be on board and helped with the delivery as little Christoph arrived at seven pounds and measured 19 inches long.

A passenger named Shelley Hedgecock Starks shot the video of the happy event.

“I was standing directly behind her and asked her, ‘This is amazing, want me to get video for you?’ She was like, ‘Sure, 'cause otherwise I’m not gonna have anything to show that this is for real,'" the passenger told Inside Edition.

Flight attendants did their best to keep her calm in hopes she could hold on till the plane could land in New Orleans, to which the flight was diverted.

“She was like, ‘I can't wait. I’ve gotta push right now.’ She pushed maybe twice and there he was,” Hedgecock Starks recalled. 

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"Within 10, 15 minutes of takeoff, I felt like something was not fine," the proud mom said at a press conference Tuesday. 

Spirit Airlines has now given the newborn and his family free flights for 21 years.

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