President Trump Called Out for Singling Out Irish Reporter in Oval Office: 'Just Creepy' | Inside Edition

President Trump Called Out for Singling Out Irish Reporter in Oval Office: 'Just Creepy'

Caitriona Perry was told by the commander in chief that she has a "nice smile."

Was President Trump flirting with a reporter, or just being nice?

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Trump is taking some heat for singling out an attractive reporter in the Oval Office during a phone conversation with Ireland's prime minister Monday.

“Where are you from? Come here, come here,” he told Caitríona Perry, the Washington correspondent for Ireland’s leading TV channel, RTE.

Trump was having a phone call with Irish PM Leo Varadkar when Perry caught his eye.

“She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well,” Trump told the new prime minister.

During last night's evening news in Ireland, she didn't seem to mind the friendly exchange.

“He caught me by surprise and said there is some Irish media here and called me over,” she said.

She also told The Irish Independent that she found her encounter with Trump “hilarious."

While Perry may have found the situation harmless, some are calling the president's attitude toward the reporter sexist.

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Inside Edition asked human resources expert Joey Price to examine the footage of Trump’s encounter with Perry to see if it was inappropriate.

"Some comments to the Irish reporter were totally inappropriate, but if she was able to laugh it off as just playful banter, than I think we can too," he said

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