Man Comes Dangerously Close to Alligator Chomping on His Head - on Purpose

Michael Womer, who's known as "The Gator Crusader," placed a GoPro camera on his head and had an alligator bite on it for all his viewers to see.

Michael Womer, who goes by the name "Gator Crusader," loves the reptiles so much that he decided to have one nearly bite his head off for a dangerous new stunt that was caught on camera.

As an alligator entertainer, Womer has performed in front of audiences at different theme parks for 25 years and continues to look for more venues to entertain.

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“I’m passionate about gators,” he told

His goal is to try to do what's never been done before, and this includes putting a GoPro on his head and sticking it in an alligator’s mouth.

The purpose of the video, he says, is to show the viewer what it feels like to have an alligator coming at you.

“How often do you ever get the chance to see getting swallowed by an alligator?” Womer questioned. “Those people don’t live to tell what it looks like.”

He got the idea by watching videos online. Womer has seen guys’ heads being bit and he’s seen an alligator biting a camera attached to a stick.

“Let’s take two cool videos and kind of combine them into one,” he said.

At a theme park in Orlando, where Womer has worked in the past, he selected the alligator he thought would be best for this feat. He says alligators are like people and have different personalities.

“The one that I used, his name is Mac," he said. "I tried to use the one that was the teacher’s pet because he responds really well to the training and I knew he would probably bite the camera and probably not bite my face off."

Womer has wanted to be an alligator trainer since he was 7 years old and attended his first alligator show. He said that the show made him forget about his own problems and he wants to deliver the same experience to others.

“I told my mom that day, 'I’m going to be an alligator trainer,'" he said.

Womer was offered a scholarship to study theatre, but turned it down because he feels working with alligators or as he calls them, dinosaurs, is much more theatrical.

He told that he tries to form a relationship with the reptiles by singing to them, giving them steaks in chocolate boxes for Valentine’s Day, and even spending the holidays with them.

The entertainer has even texted from inside a gator’s mouth.

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“I get a little closer to them than an average person could,” he said.

Overall, he thought his new video came out really well, but wished Mac would have held on longer and fought a little bit to make the clip a little more exciting.

“I was just happy [the camera] was still in one piece," he said. "The danger was pretty good and to be unscathed was even better."

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