Storm of Controversy Surrounds American Idol Contestant

American Idol contestant Todrick Hall made the top 24, but he's coming under fire from parents around the country. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He's a top contender on the new season of American Idol, but there's already a storm of controversy surrounding Todrick Hall, due to a trail of angry parents across the nation.

Before he auditioned for Idol, the 24-year-old wrote and directed a traveling show called Oz, the Musical, a remake of The Wizard of Oz.

As the production toured the country, local kids were invited to play munchkins and flying monkeys.

But there was a catch: the children's parents had to pay $75 for them to appear in the production. But then some of the shows were abruptly canceled. Parents never got a refund.

"I'm angry because you’ve got a bunch of 6, 7, 8-year-olds that had their heart set on a play and they were basically scammed and lied to," Lloyd Walters tells INSIDE EDITION'

Lloyd and Tammy Walters paid to get their daughter in the Jacksonville, Florida production and they didn't get their money back when it was canceled.

"It just makes me a little ill to think that he's out there and people are going to vote for him and think he's this wonderful person but he made a mistake and hurt my daughter's feelings and he hurt a lot of others," continues Walters.

Hall says he had nothing to do with the show's finances, and a producer of Oz, the Musical is rushing to the defense of the Idol contestant.

"The idea to charge the performance fee was my idea, and Todrick actually was opposed to it," explains producer Greg Money. "It's not a scam; there was nobody that profited from it, especially Todrick."

Todrick Hall tells INSIDE EDITION that he still hopes to put on the shows, or offer refunds to the parents. He also says he would like to go on camera to clear up the controversy, but his Idol contract prohibits him from doing any interviews.