Princess Kate Walks Down a Different Aisle

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate as the world likes to call her, was spotted doing her own grocery shopping near her new home in Wales. Meanwhile, Kate's sister Pippa is seen in a less ordinary situation. INSIDE EDITION has the scoo

Duchess in aisle 5! Princess Kate heads down the aisle again, this time at her local supermarket.

Kate looked a lot more casual than when we last saw her, trading in that gorgeous wedding gown for skinny jeans, a loose V neck and a hunter green sweater wrap. But that jaw-dropping engagement ring and new Welsh gold wedding band were a good reminder that she's not your average housewife.

She traveled with three huge bodyguards. Kate handed off her car keys to one Royal Protection Officer and then it was down to business. There was no royal treatment as the Princess pushed her own grocery cart.

Kate happily chatted with other shoppers in the store's parking lot which is right near her home in North Wales that she shares with her handsome hubby, the future King of England.

Settling into her quiet life in the isolated village is making news around the world.

Kate's little sister Pippa is also making headlines for a racy photo that's now gone viral. The photo shows Pippa in a purple bra and white skirt, dirty dancing with some guy who's wearing nothing but boxer shorts!

Clearly Pippa's new nickname, "her royal hotness," was right on target.