New White House Video Shows Moments After Bin Laden Take Down

The White House has released new video of top officials in the moments after Osama bin Laden was taken down. INSIDE EDITION has details on the historic moment.

There was a kiss from President Obama for Hillary Clinton as the President celebrates the take-down of Osama bin Laden.

It's all shown in an extraordinary just-released video of the dramatic moments in the White House just after the raid.

"Good job! It's him! This was him," said Vice President Joe Biden, who got on the phone with Congressional leaders to break the news.

"The reason I'm calling is to tell you we killed, we killed," said Biden.

And the President has special thanks to CIA Director Leon Panetta.

"Thank you for everything. We're proud of you. Your guys did a great job," said President Obama.

"Thank you. They did," said Panetta.

Andrew Card, President Bush's Chief of Staff, knows better than anyone what was it like to be in the Situation Room that historic day.

Card told INSIDE EDITION, "They were probably very quiet. They were probably very nervous and filled with anxiety and the adrenaline was flowing but they were holding their breath."

Card broke the news of the 9/11 attacks to Bush in the now famous video as he read My Pet Goat to a Florida classroom.

Card also helped design the Situation Room where the drama unfolded.

"It's kind of like watching a video game but you don't have a joystick. You're not moving the people around," said Card.

The CIA has learned that when he was killed, bin Laden was plotting attacks on commuter trains, hoping to kill hundreds of Americans. That's why security has been stepped up at New York City's Penn Station and other rail terminals across the nation.

Al Qaeda responded for the first time to bin Laden's death today, saying in a statement: "We will continue to plan and plot. And soon we pray (America's) happiness turns to sorrow."

Fascinating new details are emerging from the now-iconic photo of the President and top officials in the White House Situation Room.

There was a satellite photo of bin Laden's compound sitting on Hillary Clinton's laptop. The classified document next to it was blurred by the White House.

The file on Clinton's lap was labelled Top Secret and NOFORN, which stands for Not For Release To Foreign Nationals

There was also a brown trash bag pictured in the photos called a burn bag. It's for documents so sensitive they can't just be shredded.

The photos also shows that in the Situation Room even the coffee cups carry the Presidential seal.

"Good job, national security team," said President Obama.