Woman Trapped in Her Own Garage by Bear: 'He Just Didn't Want to Leave'

Denielle Backstrom of Colorado Springs has just dropped her kids off at the babysitter when she found herself into a bad situation.

A Colorado woman got the fright of her life when she encountered a massive black bear in her garage.

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Denielle Backstrom, of Colorado Springs, had just dropped her kids off at the babysitter Tuesday and was unaware that a bear followed her into the garage when she pulled in.

As she was getting ready to exit the vehicle, she saw the massive creature, estimated to be about 400 pounds.

"I was just sitting in my car and I had the window down and I heard breathing – very heavy, deep, moaning breathing and I was just so confused by it," she told Inside Edition. "I was eye-to-eye with the bear." 

She pulled out her phone and started recording what the bear was doing, including climbing on her car.

The bear went over the refrigerator and searched for food. As Backstrom remained trapped in her SUV, she tried everything to get the beast to flee, even telling it to "shoo."

She even tries to slightly nudge it with her vehicle to get it to leave, but it didn’t work.

"He almost acted like he was annoyed, like, ‘Why did you just bump into me, lady?’ He just didn’t want to leave," she said. 

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The bear eventually meandered out of the garage, but lingered in the area.

Colorado wildlife officials believe the intruder may be the same bear who recently ate an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream and bag of M&M’s in another homeowner’s garage.

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