'The Gong Show' Reboot Is Wackier Than Ever - and You Won't Believe Who's Hosting | Inside Edition

'The Gong Show' Reboot Is Wackier Than Ever - and You Won't Believe Who's Hosting

There's a familiar face behind all that makeup.

The reboot of The Gong Show is crazier than ever with ridiculous stunts, performers and a very special host.

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One contestant dresses as Little Bo Peep and puts a tarantula in her mouth while playing the harmonica.

TV icon Chuck Barris, who died three months ago, was the original host. Today, the ringleader is a so-called British comic named Tommy Maitland.

He's energetic, and has been seen dancing up a storm and flirts with celebrity judges like Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks.

The host is said to be former Saturday Night Live legend Mike Myers, who dons a ton of makeup as his alter ego, Tommy Maitland.

Neither the network, ABC, nor Myers has confirmed the news. Myers, who hasn't been seen on screen since 2008's The Love Guru, has famously impersonated British people on SNL as Simon the bathtub boy and his acclaimed Austin Powers roles.

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“ABC and Mike Myers are keeping this a secret because it really adds to the suspense and with that, it draws in new viewers,” Elizabeth Wagmeister of Variety told Inside Edition.

Last month, Maitland made his TV American debut as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with fill-in host Will Arnett.

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