Mama Dog Gives Birth to 8 Puppies, Days After Having the World's Dreamiest Photo Shoot

"Fusee is so photogenic so I just knew it would be really fun," the pup's owner said.

A mama dog gave birth to a litter of puppies after having the dreamiest maternity photo shoot known to dog-kind.

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Fusee, a canine living in Olympia, Wash., welcomed eight puppies into the world Wednesday, just days after a whimsical shoot with photographer Clayton Foshaug involving flowers and grassy fields.

“When we found out she was pregnant, my mom told me she was going to get her fixed after she had her babies, so I really wanted to make the most out of it," Elsa Veria Means, 17, told “Fusee is so photogenic so I just knew it would be really fun."

Means said she wanted to outfit her in a cute costume, but ultimately decided to use flowers she found around the home.

Now, Fusee, who was adopted by the family about a year ago, has become the perfect mom.

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“She’s amazing, she makes sure all eight of them eat enough food and she is constantly cleaning them,” Means said.

She said the pups will be rehomed to friends living nearby once they are old enough for a small fee to cover the cost of veterinary fees.

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