Pork in the Road: Hogs Run Wild After Truck Jackknifes

It was a chaotic scene as pigs overran a Texas highway.

Pigs were running wild on a Texas interstate after a tractor-trailer jackknifed outside Dallas.

Both directions of Interstate 45 were closed for hours Thursday after the truck overturned, authorities said.

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Dozens of hogs were running loose as police and animal control workers tried to herd the animals into a makeshift pin.

The 18-wheeler’s driver was able to escape the cab uninjured before the truck burst into flames, according to the Wilmer Police Department.

 The pigs were scattered over five miles of highway, said Lt. Eric Pon, KTVT-TV reported.

There were 195 hogs on board the big rig.

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“The biggest challenge we’ve had so far was just corralling the pigs, keeping ‘em from getting into oncoming traffic and getting run over, but I do believe we’ve got all of them,” Pon told local reporters.

There were no reports on whether any of the pigs were injured or died in the accident.

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