9-Year-Old's Bullying Prevention Video Goes Viral: 'I Want It to Stop'

Nasir Andrews, 9, created the video to spread the word about bullying at her new school.

Nasir Andrews, 9, is finally being heard after she was a victim of bullying at her new school.

“I want to change bullying and I want it to stop,” Nasir told InsideEdition.com. “I don’t want it to happen more and more because then there would be nothing really happy in life.”

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The Andrews family moved to Bellevue Washington last August from Georgia, and Nasir had to switch schools.

Over the past year, Nasir says she's been bullied and has been unable to find relief.

“We seek to protect and nurture our children and it’s difficult to explain to Nasir why she’s being hurt because we don’t know why,” Nasir’s mother, Chantey told InsideEdition.com.

In response to these negative actions, Nasir decided to post a video online to share her story called “Backdown Bully,” and the clip is going viral.

“I saw other people do it online and I thought it would be a good way to share my experience and social media would be the best way to go,” Nasir said.

In the video, Nasir holds a series of signs, describing her torment.

“It made us feel disheartened and confused as to why this was the response to something that was never really experienced before,” Chantey said.

Some of the signs mention that she was "choked" and "hit," and called “Nutella” and “servant.”

Another sign mentioned that Nasir was "1 of about 8 black kids" at her school. 

Chantey told InsideEdition.com that a drawing of a gun was placed in Nasir’s cubby and the school has not communicated opportunities to address or prevent the cycle of bullying from happening.

“We’re hoping through spreading the cause of how real bullying is, we can help restore our community,” Chantey said.

Chantey says Nasir shows her bravery by telling her story and she hopes “Backdown Bully” will help change the bullying epidemic.

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“I’ve transitioned from a hurting mom to now an empowered and proud mother,” she said.

Nasir’s video has received more than one million views with the last card reading, “Help change the ending.”

“I want people to know that bullying is real and it hurts people,” Nasir said. “I just really want the world to be equal.”

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