53 Cosmetic Procedures And Counting For One Woman

INSIDE EDITION goes with a woman to get her 53rd cosmetic procedure done, as she continues her quest to defy the aging process.

We are there as the woman who already holds the world record for the most cosmetic procedures, 52 in all, goes in for procedure number 53, and more.

Cindy Jackson just underwent seven procedures on her face to keep up her quest to look like a living breathing version of Barbie.

Jackson said some of her procedures include: "facelifts, nose jobs, lip augmentations, cheek implants, breast implants, liposuction."

"I'm having Botox put into my forehead to get rid of the frown lines. I'm having this area [cheeks] filled out on each side, this part [corners of the mouth] lifted, my jawline made cleaner, my neck lifted and the skin treated to make it look more youthful," said Jackson.

Jackson started her Barbie doll dream 23 years ago. The side-by-side photos above show what she looked like before she had her first surgery way back in 1979, and what she looks like today.

"I wanted to be pretty and one operation was not going to make me pretty," said Jackson.

Now 55 years old, you'd think Jackson would be through with cosmetic surgeons, but no. When she recently saw herself on the Today show, she decided she needed even more work.

Jackson said, "When I was on the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda and I watched the video back, I didn't realize my neck was beginning to sag and my face was looking a little bit drawn and tired."

So Jackson, who grew up in Ohio, flew back to her home in London where cosmetic surgeon Dan Dhunna says he had no qualms about doing more work on someone who has already had so many procedures.

"If you look at Cindy's results she looks absolutely fantastic. She certainly doesn't look overdone at all," said Dhunna.

For  three gruelling hours, Jackson endured injections around the eyes, jaw, cheeks, laugh lines, lips, and neck. It's said to be the same effect as a facelift, but without cutting and sewing.

So, has Jackson finally had enough? No way. She admits there are more surgeries in her future.

"I intend to look like this when I'm 70," said Jackson.