Wife Hides Pregnancy, Gender Reveal Until Her Husband Returns from Deployment: 'Are You Serious?'

A California mom kept her pregnancy a secret from her husband until he returned home from deployment after six months.

After six months of deployment, this military dad came home to a jaw-dropping surprise.

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When Chris Daugherty stepped off the USS Carl Vinson in California after six months overseas, he was shocked to find his wife was not only pregnant, but several weeks away from giving birth.

“He didn’t know what to say or what to do,” Natasha Daugherty told InsideEdition.com.

After months of secrecy, Natasha finally revealed her secret by showing off her big baby bump during his homecoming. A video taken by the couple's friend, Marea Morrison, shows his shock.

“After he hugged me, he was like, 'Oh my gosh! You’re really pregnant! Are you serious?'" Natasha said. “He had the biggest smile on his face.”

One week after Chris left for the Korean Peninsula, Natasha found out she was pregnant. She knew the news would make him homesick, so she decided to keep it a secret until he returned.

The couple's three children, ages 10, 4 and 18 months, were also part of Natasha's big plan.

“I had to monitor when my kids called him on the phone,” Natasha said. “I had to monitor everything on Facebook and everything on emails to make sure nothing showed the belly.”

Now Chris and Natasha have been making up for lost time, sharing tons of pictures together.

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Chris won't be deployed again until early next year and is extremely excited to be home for the birth of their new baby girl.

“The military life isn’t easy,” Natasha said. “You handle it. You take care of the kids and he’ll be home before you know.”

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