Did President Obama Tell First Lady Michelle About Bin Laden Operation?

President Obama said the operation to take down Osama bin Laden was kept secret from many people in the White House, but did he confide in First Lady Michelle Obama? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Did the President keep the mission to take down Osama bin Laden a secret even from his wife?

Steve Croft asked the President on 60 Minutes if he told the First Lady about the raid before it was launched.

"Did you want to tell Michelle? Did you tell Michelle?" asked Croft.

"You know one of the great successes about this operation was that we were able to keep this thing secret," said President Obama.

He didn't answer the question, but later in the broadcast he said, "I didn't tell most people at the White House. I didn't tell my own family."

George Stephanopoulos from Good Morning America isn't buying it.

"I think he had to have told her, but he was very careful in the way he answered it," said Stephanopoulos.

What Michelle knew and when she knew it is becoming Washington's number one guessing game.

Bob Cusack, Managing Editor of The Hill, told INSIDE EDITION, "This was on his mind and clearly, Michelle is going to know when the President is bothered by something. So I just find it hard to believe that he didn't tell Michelle Obama about this huge, huge decision that he was making, and obviously, in the interview, expressed that he was torn over it."

We asked the women of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, whose new season on Bravo starts next Monday, if they believe the President kept the raid a secret even from Michelle.

Teresa Giudice said, "My husband doesn't tell me everything that goes on in his business."

Caroline Manzo said, "It's a matter of national security. I respect him for that and I hope that is the truth."

Meanwhile, a just released video of Osama bin Laden gives new insight into the squalor in which he lived. In the video he's seen rocking like an old man wrapped in a blanket and wearing a knit cap, watching video of himself on TV. His grey beard was obviously dyed black when he videotaped his messages of hate.

In the video, you can also see bin Laden was using an herbal form of Viagra to boost his sexual performance. The Daily News headline said it all: "Droop Dead!"