YouTube Babies Making Big Bucks

INSIDE EDITION gathered together three YouTube sensations who are raking in the big bucks at very young ages.

INSIDE EDITION gathered together for the first time, the tiny tykes whose antics on YouTube have the whole world laughing!

The YouTube sensations are:

Seven-month-old Emerson Yeo, whose wide-eyed reactions to his mommy blowing her nose has received more than 17 million hits on YouTube. 

One-year-old Micah McArthur, who cracks up at the sound of ripping paper, got more than 17 million YouTube viewers!

And finally Elrick Perez, whose rhythmic reactions to reggae music earned him the title of Baby Bob Marley and more than 12 million YouTube hits!

Would you believe that the profits from the video may one day put little Emerson through college? That's right, the money comes from Google ads and companies that are posting the video. Emerson's mom is thrilled.

"We're excited for the day we can let him know that a silly YouTube video is going to pay for his education," said Emerson's mom.

Little Micah is also building a college fund, thanks to his video of him laughing at paper being ripped up.

"We're amazed at what's happening. It's been a whirlwind," said Micah's mom.

And Elrick's parents can't believe that their little boy is a star.

INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander asked, "Do people ever recognize him?"

"Oh yes. [People say] 'Oh, that's the Bob Marley baby,' " said Elrick's dad.