Elite Firefighters Carry 2 Fawns From Danger Amid Massive Forest Fire

The two baby deer would have perished in the massive wildfire, firefighters said.

Elite firefighters rescued two baby deer from a massive Arizona wild fire that has burned more than 28,000 acres, officials said.

The fawns had become separated from their mother and were carried from the blazing chaparral by crew from the Flagstaff Hotshots.

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“Smokey Bear would be very, very happy,” the U.S. Forest Service in Prescott posted on its Facebook page. “While Arizona Game and Fish Department encourage people not to pick up baby wildlife, under these extenuating circumstances the firefighters were moving the fawns out of harm’s way."

The deer were taken to a safe habitat Friday evening, but by the next day, one of the fawns was doing poorly and appeared disoriented, officials said.

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Firefighters called the Game and Fish Department, and staff came to pick up the deer.

The animals were brought to a wildlife rehabilitation facility, where they will be treated and released back into the wild when they are old enough to fend for themselves, authorities said.

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