Newborn Dolphin Shows It's Already a Strong Swimmer as It Makes Public Debut

Dana the dolphin just gave birth at Georgia's Batumi Dolphinarium, where staff were thrilled to introduce the newborn to animal lovers this past weekend.

A newborn dolphin is showing off its impressive nautical skills during the mammal's official introduction to the public at Georgia’s Batumi Dolphinarium.

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The adorable little dolphin made its debut this past weekend while swimming alongside its mother, Dana. The heartwarming moment was captured on video.

Dana and her baby are healthy and enjoying their time together, according to Dolphinarium staff.

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Because dolphins rarely give birth while in captivity, Dana was extensively monitored and supervised the pregnancy, to ensure a smooth delivery, according to reports.

The birth of the baby dolphin is the sixth new addition to be celebrated at the Dolphinarium in two years.

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