Meredith Vieira Leaving Today

It's official! Meredith Vieira announced that she will be leaving her job as co-host of the Today show sometime in June. Longtime Today correspondent Ann Curry will be replacing her. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A teary Meredith Vieira confirmed she's leaving her job as co-host of TV's highest-rated morning show.

"It's a difficult day for me. I'm going to try to hold myself together here," she said. "I've decided to leave 'Today' in June and even as I say this and I know that it is the right thing, I'm really sad."

Vieira says she wants to spend more time with her family. Her husband suffers from multiple sclerosis and has also battled cancer.

"Time is one of those weird things, you can never get enough of it and it just keeps ticking away and I know that I want to spend more of mine with my husband Richard," she said.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Vieira after her big announcement.

"It's hard, it's not like when you leave a job because you hate it or you have another job that's better that you're going to, I'm not leaving here for any of those reasons, I'm leaving because I needed to reestablish my private life a little bit."

Ann Curry will replace Vieira as co-anchor, one of TV's most coveted positions.

"I feel like the high school computer nerd who was just asked to the prom by the quarterback of the football team," Curry said.

The game of TV musical chairs included Katie Couric leaving the CBS Evening News, probably to launch a syndicated talk show. At a press conference, Matt Lauer confirmed reports that he and Couric have discussed reuniting on a new show, but said he's not leaving Today anytime soon.

"I will not say we didn't talk about it. Katie and I did speak about it, Katie is a dear friend, I see her all the time. As it turned out, it turned into just talk and that's where we left it," he explained.

And Paula Abdul has announced she's joining her old pal Simon Cowell on his new talent show The X Factor.

The former American Idol judges embraced on the USC campus before Abdul's first day on the job.

And another favorite TV personality, Tina Fey, hosted Saturday Night Live while six months pregnant! And yes, she revived her popular Sarah Palin impersonation.