Man Says He's Getting Death Threats After Video Showed Him Throwing Shark on Dock

Alex Winn was subjected to online uproar after thousands of people saw the clip.

A college sophomore did the unthinkable when he captured a shark with his bare hands in Washington state.

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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student Alex Winn, 19, caught the shark in Liberty Bay last Wednesday and video of the incident has since gone viral.

"It got so close to the dock and I said to myself, ‘It would be really cool to catch one of these things,'" he told Inside Edition. "75,000 people viewed it in the first 10-15 minutes." 

Winn caught a dogfish, also known as a "mud shark." Many of the people on the dock started freaking out as he threw it down.

But there was anger on social media, as people who saw the video voiced their concern. One user claimed Winn had “tortured” the animal.

"Up to the past day or so, I have been getting death threats, honestly," Winn told Inside Edition. 

Others had no problem with the video.

Winn said he had no intention of hurting the mud shark. It can’t be seen on video, but he claims it swam away and appeared to be uninjured.

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He doesn't recommend the stunt, especially on the mud sharks because of the hazard that goes along with handling them.

"They do have stingers behind the dorsal fin that can poison you," he said. 

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