Thousands of Shoppers Finally Get Their 'Baywatch' Swimsuits After Unprecedented Demand

An Instagram promotion for a free "Pamela" swimsuit went horribly awry due to unprecedented demand.

A red swimsuit ignited a social media frenzy after a manufacturer bit off more than it could chew with its promise for orders.

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Back in May, California retailer Sunny Co. Clothing announced a deal on Instagram that sounded too-good-to-be-true to coincide with the release of the new Baywatch movie.

“Everyone that reposts and tags us in this picture with the next 24 hours will receive a free Pamela sunny suit,” they said.

The $64 swimsuit is inspired by the one famously worn by Pamela Anderson on the Baywatch TV show.

More than 346,000 women took part in the promotion, in which they would pay only shipping and handling, and the picture popped up on social media feeds everywhere.

Sunny Co. Clothing couldn't keep up with the incredible demand and therefore could not fulfill all of the orders.

McKayla Partlow, 17, of Washington State was one of the many thousands of customers who wondered if it would ever come.

“They told us at the beginning that it would take about six weeks at the most to get it out and shipped. After six weeks, I thought it was a scam because I didn’t get mine,” she told Inside Edition.

The swimsuits have finally been shipped.

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Now, the disappointment has been replaced with happy customers, who are flaunting the suit on social media.

Partlow eventually got her swimsuit and was impressed with the style.

“It’s a really vibrant color and draws attention to yourself when you wear it,” she said.

The company also said that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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