Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Gets Breast Implants After Undergoing Double Mastectomy

Lesley Murphy was found to have the BRCA-2 gene, which left her at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

Former Bachelor contestant Lesley Murphy, who underwent a preventive double mastectomy, is all smiles after getting breast implants.

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Murphy, who appeared on the hit reality dating show in 2013, recently shared a post-operation photo from the hospital Monday.

"Everything went perfect," she told Inside Edition just days after her surgery. "I am so happy."

"I don't see anything yet," she told Inside Edition of the results. "I am still with a compression bra on. It is a bra from the hospital and it is packed with gauze, I need all of the support I can get." 

Lesley was just 29 and in the best shape of her life when she learned that she carried the BRCA-2 gene mutation and made the painful decision to remove her breasts.

Inside Edition was there when she underwent her mastectomy surgery earlier this year. Doctors placed in tissue expanders that help make room for implants.

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She has received weekly saline injections to enlarge her expanders leading up to the implants

"I lost all feeling in my breasts, actually," she said. "Good thing is I couldn't feel that needle going in but I could feel the pressure of that saline going inside. Every week it would be pretty sore but that is what you endure to get ready for reconstructive surgery." 

To celebrate the Fourth of July, she again took to Instagram, saying: “Stuffing bras since the 90s. Red stripes, white gauze, blue sunnies??...I tried.”

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