Baby Casket Containing a Bag Full of Organs Found on Sidewalk: Police

Police said they are investigating how the casket got there.

Philadelphia police are investigating after a passerby spotted an unattended baby’s casket lying on the sidewalk on Monday night.

Police told that they were called to the scene, across the street from Mount Vernon Cemetery in North Philadelphia, and discovered the small, white casket.

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Upon investigation, authorities determined embalmed internal organ tissue was inside, but there were no skeletal remains.

“Police did not find full remains but believe they were a child’s remains,” Officer Troy Brown told “It’s definitely not normal.”

Local resident Chris James told that he was at a nearby gas station when police were called to the scene and he walked over to see the casket.

“The casket was halfway out of a black trash bag. Officers opened it and at first they thought it was cloth, but then they opened the casket and inside the casket was smaller black bag and inside was dirt and I guess organs,” James said.

James said the casket appeared to be freshly dug out the ground. James said he saw the remains himself.

“It was like a movie. When I saw [the remains] I was like, ‘That’s definitely some type of body part.’ That was one of the craziest things I’ve seen. It was like a scene out of ‘Thriller’ or something,” James said.

In video taken of the scene by James, officers can be seen shining flashlights into the small coffin.


Police said it is not clear how the remains got onto the sidewalk. Investigators are reportedly looking into the possibility that someone either stole it from an area funeral home or if it was dug up.

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Police will also search other local cemeteries to determine whether other graves have been disturbed, according to reports.

The casket was later taken to the medical examiner’s office for further investigation. 

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