To Sing and Protect: Cop Belts Out Song to Blind Woman After Fixing Her Microwave

The cop's body camera captured the entire scene as he sang the bars of "You Are My Sunshine."

A blind woman in Utah who needed help with her microwave called the police for assistance, but the heartwarming encounter didn't end there.

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Responding was Officer Kristian Johnson of Logan, who was able to fix Shirley Hardman’s microwave last month. He then asked the woman if there was anything else he could do.

What followed was an unusual request that caught the cop off guard.

"Do you sing?" the woman asked.

"I don't," the officer replied. "I'm not a good singer."

But the woman insisted, saying, "We can start now."

Realizing she was not about to let it go, Officer Johnson asked what she would like to hear.

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When Shirley Hardman requested “You Are My Sunshine,” Johnson did his best.

His body camera captured the entire performance as he sang the bars of the classic children's tune.

While his singing may not get him far on America's Got Talent, his superiors were quick to praise Johnson for his random act of kindness.

Logan Police Chief Tyson Budge said Johnson is a recent addition to the force. 

"He was a former attorney for 15 years in Vegas and always wanted to be cop, so, he closed his practice and lucky for us, he works for us," the chief told "He has been unreal."

The chief added, "He is unbelievable and is not a typical policeman. He is just a good human being and one of my favorite people."

Johnson was recently named "Patrol Officer of the Year" at an award ceremony last month. His recent display of comforting someone in need is just the latest example of his good work.

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