Watch an Unruly Mob Brawl at Gas Station After July 4 House Party Dispute Spills Into Street

Cops in Eufaula, Ala., say several people involved discharged firearms.

An Alabama house party turned ugly on the Fourth of July when a dispute spilled into the streets and developed into an unruly mob that was caught by gas station surveillance cameras.

Police in Eufaula say the drama unfolded at a Citgo station where footage appears to show numerous shots being fired as a fight descends into complete pandemonium.

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With the help of videos and eyewitness accounts, police say they identified at least three armed individuals in the group, where multiple shots were fired throughout the course of the melee.

While cops say that while the Citgo property was damaged, no one was struck by a bullet.

“It was a surprising incident, something that’s never happened in Eufaula before,” Sgt. Donald Brown of the Eufaula Police Department told WTVM. "Fortunately no one was hit."

Many feared for their lives, however, and video taken from multiple angles shows people fleeing as shots rang out.

Police vowed to bring any criminals involved to justice in a strongly worded statement they posted to Facebook.

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"We have positively identified two of the individuals and will obtain warrants for their arrest... This behavior should not be tolerated in a civilized society and we cannot emphasize enough to the other persons attending this gathering how much your lives were jeopardized," the statement read.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Eufaula police. 

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