A Look Back at Arnold and Maria's Marriage

INSIDE EDITION looks back at the marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver that remained in the spotlight for 25 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver seemed like the unlikeliest of couples. Arnold and Maria on their wedding day in 1986.

Shriver's uncle Ted was there, along with Jackie Onassis, Andy Williams, singer Grace Jones, and artist Andy Warhol.

Laurence Leamer, author of Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger told INSIDE EDITION, "She came from America's political aristocracy. He was this poor boy from this tiny village in Austria. He had this sense of ambition and this passion and drive that was just incredible."

Over the years INSIDE EDITION followed Schwarzenegger and Shriver as they became an international power couple. In 1995 the tireless Schwarzenegger spearheaded a fitness campaign in Ohio. Shriver kiddingly poked fun at him.

"He doesn't work half as hard as he wants people to think he does," joked Shriver.

Schwarzenegger hadn't yet revealed his political ambitions. Then, in a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show in 2003, Schwarzenegger said, "The politicians are not doing their jobs. I'm going to run for Governor of the state of California."

With Shriver at his side, the campaigning began and was almost immediately derailed by disturbing accusations from six women claiming to have been groped over the years by Schwarzenegger. He faced the scandal head-on.

"Those people that I have offended, I want to say I'm deeply sorry and I apologize," said Schwarzenegger.

Shriver went on Oprah and stood by her man, saying, "I know the man I'm married to."

And with Shriver's support, Schwarzenegger won the election. It seems that the man who succeeded at everything he ever tried is tasting failure for the first time.

"Arnold is a winner his whole life. He will move beyond this and so will Maria," said Leamer.