After Family of Pigs Escapes Barn, Cops Use Cheetos and Doritos to Lure Them Home

A family of pigs escaped from a barn in Texas and animal control officers used what they had to lure them back home.

Although these little pigs didn’t go to the market, it certainly looks like they did.

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When the family of pigs escaped a barn in Cedar Park, Texas, last Friday, Animal Control officers only had one thing that could help: Junk food.

With the help of Cheetos and Doritos, Supervisor Lacey Clemons and Officer Amber Smith lured the pigs into a patrol vehicle and drove them back home.

“Lacey and Amber did a terrific job getting everyone back home safe and sound," Tara Long, Cedar Park Police Media and Communications Specialist, told

While the snacks helped the animal control officers gather the pigs, the task was far from easy. At 600 pounds, the mama pig was way too large to be carried into their truck, so officers used the chips to lure her back home.

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This isn’t the first time the family of pigs went loose. A week earlier, Luke Lovett, a Cedar Park Animal Control Officer, helped a piglet escape from a storm drain.

“It may not always be glamorous, but that’s the fun part about it,” Lovett told

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