Accused Rapist Responds to His Own Wanted Post on Sheriff's Facebook Page

Derek Helms is wanted by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina.

An accused rapist in North Carolina publicly responded to his own wanted poster, which cops put on Facebook earlier this week.

Derek Helms of Stanly County has outstanding warrants charging him with first-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape. 

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But after the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office posted his photo in their effort to find him, a man who identified himself as a local resident wanted folks to know that his experience of Helms was wholly positive.

"This is a great guy. I met him on a job where I was the Foreman and he worked hard for me," the message read. "Through our time of working together, he always was speaking of his kids and how much he loved them. I'd be willing to speak up for this man. I will not believe that any of these charges are true."

To the astonishment of police and Facebook users alike, Helms — or someone using an account in his name — responded with a thank you.

"Thanks bud really appreciate it enjoyed working with yall guys aswell (sic)," the post read.

Unsurprisingly, the post appeared to also dispute the charges against Helms.

"Truth coming out bfor (sic) long vindictive and spitfullness (sic) and some croked cops," it continued.

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office was the first to respond, writing: "Derek Helms you need to turn yourself in."

Sheriff Brad Riley told that his office makes no assumptions about why Helms has yet to surrender, but said he hopes social media can be used to achieve a positive outcome.

"Been doing this 27 years and seen this a bunch of times," Riley said, referring to suspects who know they're wanted for questioning but choose to keep away from police. "That's what's making it different: Facebook... our hope is to use social media to try to reach out." 

An avalanche of other comments followed the interaction on Facebook as people quickly realized, some with amusement and others with disgust, what was happening.

As of this writing, police are still trying to locate Helms, who is described as a white, 28-year-old male.

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Helms may be driving a silver or gray four door 2005 Mercedes.

Anyone with information concerning Helms or his location, is asked to contact Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office at 704-920-3000 or the Cabarrus Area Crime Stoppers at 704-93-CRIME.

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