Man Arrested for Allegedly Housing Dangerous Reptiles, Including Alligators and Venomous Snakes

Officials reportedly recovered 80 venomous snakes, as well as five to eight alligators, gila monsters, snapping turtles and birds from the house.

A California man has been arrested after hordes of dangerous reptiles, including venomous snakes and alligators, were found in his home, officials said.

Todd Kates was charged with animal cruelty after officials says he was in possession of “dozens of very dangerous and highly regulated species of reptiles,” the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control said in a statement.

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Officials recovered 80 venomous snakes, between five and eight alligators, gila monsters, snapping turtles and birds from Kates’ Thousand Oaks home, NBC News reported.

The discovery came as a result of a criminal investigation launched after a Cape cobra was spotted in a local neighborhood for the second time in three years, officials said.

A neighbor drove a car over the snake, killing it, according to CBS News.

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“Because the warrants are still in-progress few details can be released at this time,” DACC said in a statement.

Kates had permits for some of the reptiles, but not all of them.

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