Man Proposes to Girlfriend With the Help of Adorable Otters: 'He Knows I Love Animals'

She wasn't expecting the special moment.

In an otter-ly adorable moment, a man proposed to his long-term girlfriend with the help of some furry friends.

Journalist Kelly Sommariva didn’t think much of it when her bosses sent her on assignment to capture video footage of otters at the Denver Aquarium, but it turned into a day she’d never forget.

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In a video shared by Caters News, Sommariva is shooting footage of the adorable animals before she notices them flipping over a sign with a special message from her beau Mike Jensen.

“Say yes to marrying your man,” the last line of the sign read.

And when Sommariva turned around, Jensen, her boyfriend of three years, was down on one knee.

“He knows I love animals. Since I work at a news station, he called my boss who set up the guise that I had to head to the aquarium for a 'shoot' with the otters… little did I know it was actually a proposal,” Sommariva told

The aquarium put treats for the otters underneath Jensen’s sign so it was no hard work to get them to flip it for the big moment, Sommariva said.

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"I felt so overwhelmed with happiness when I saw Kelly read that sign,” Raquel Villanueva, Kelly's co-worker, said of the 2013 moment. "I knew it would be a moment that she could tell people about for years, with the exact same excitement she had that day."

Jensen and Sommariva are now happily married and made sure to pay tribute to the special moment on their wedding day with an otter cake topper. They have also visited the otters at the aquarium.

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