Twin Red Panda Cubs Make Their Debut And Prepare For a Gender Reveal Party

The first cub was developing normally next to its mother, but the second required additional hand-rearing to improve its health.

Two is better than one!

Twin red pandas are under careful supervision after they were born at the Binghamton Zoo in upstate New York last month.

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The first cub is developing as expected next to its mother, Mei-Li, and is on exhibit with the rest of the red pandas, although zookeepers said visitors will not be able to see it until the baby is old enough to climb out of its nest box on its own.

The second cub, however, is under close observation by zookeepers after being born significantly smaller at birth. While workers hoped the second cub could catch up with the help of its mother and supplemental feedings, they eventually decided to hand-rear the baby full time.

According to a press release, the second cub has since gained weight, but there have been additional health concerns. Zookeepers continue to monitor its development closely.

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Zookeepers are now planning a gender reveal party for the twins, and will also host a naming contest for the cubs.

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