14 Fluffy Flamingo Chicks 'Look Like Tiny Balls of Cotton' as They Hatch at Zoo

The zoo expects more flamingos to hatch in the coming weeks.

It is hatching season for flamingos inside a British zoo as 14 chicks resembling cotton balls have emerged from their shells since the end of June.

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England’s Chester Zoo, the most visited zoo in the U.K., has seen more than a dozen flamingo eggs hatch since June 29.

According to the zoo, the flamingo chicks start off white or gray in color and look like “tiny balls of cotton wool.”

The zoo says that when the flamingos, which are from the Caribbean flock, reach six months, they will get their iconic pink feathers.

The zoo also predicts that more chicks will be hatching in the coming weeks.

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The Chester Zoo is home to more than 100 flamingos in its Caribbean flock, the ones with the famous pink feathers, and more than 100 of the birds in its Chilean colony that appear dark grey in nature.

Flamingos are extremely social and live in colonies that contain thousands of birds, according to the zoo.

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