'Oh My God, It Really Is Obama!' Mom Snaps Selfies With Former President and Her Infant Daughter

'I was shocked and couldn't stop smiling and so excited that he just adored my baby girl,' she told InsideEdition.com

An Alaskan mother got the shock of her life last week when she spotted President Obama at the Anchorage International Airport.

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Jolene Jackinsky was with her 6-month old daughter, Giselle, and the baby’s father, Eric, on July 3 when she spotted America’s 44th president in the waiting area.

She wasn't positive that it was the former president at first, but as she got closer, she realized he was indeed the former president.

“Oh my God, it really is Obama!” she told InsideEdition.com as she recalled her reaction. “I was shocked and couldn't stop smiling and so excited that he just adored my baby girl. I didn't know what to say but Obama had that all covered."

Obama, who was heading home from his recent trip to Asia with his family, was in the airport alone with Secret Service agents.

Jackinsky told InsideEdition.com that she and the former president spoke about how fast kids grow up, adding that he was “very personable and down to Earth.”

Obama kept complimenting how pretty the baby was and asked if he could hold the child.

When Giselle’s father, Eric, arrived to the area, Obama joked with the dad and said, saying, "Hey, I’m taking your baby!"

The surprised parents then took photos of Giselle and her new friend together, then, Jackinsky jumped in for a selfie with the former leader of the free world and her daughter.

“While Obama held my baby she was calm and content, didn't whine or complain," she said. "She smiled at his compliments and was peaceful being in her president's arms. I can now tell her when she’s older that the president of the United States, who was in office at the time she was born, held and adored her, also that she was also adored by the rest of the country because of the cute pictures we got with him."

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She said that the interaction lasted just five minutes but for the family, the experience will last a lifetime.

The experience was unreal," she added. "I'm still in disbelief that this actually happened to us and so shocked my beautiful baby girl is getting so much positive press from all of this."

Oddly enough, the encounter with Obama happened through a stroke of luck, as the family wasn't supposed to be in the area.

They later realized that they were supposed to be at another airline's offices in the airport inside another terminal.

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