Sexy Rexy: Woman Dresses Up in T. Rex Costume for Boudoir Photo Shoot

She's glad she could make others laugh.

A Canadian woman was a real sexosaurus as she posed in a tantalizing series of images, with a twist.

Nicole Hall came up with the idea to dress up in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume as part of a boudoir photo shoot she did for her husband in April through social media.

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Her friend, Kissy Spicer, who photographed Hall, just happened to have a T. rex suit, and the rest was history.

“It was hard to maneuver the suit but I think we did pretty well. We had to stop a lot because we were laughing so hard,” Hall told

Spicer said the moment was hilarious to watch.

“If you can picture a fish out of water flopping around in a dinosaur suit, then you can halfway imagine my view,” Spicer said.

Hall said she gave her husband the album filled with the sexy dinosaur photos and actual boudoir photos on their July 1 wedding day.

“He laughed quite a bit and told me it was ridiculous,” Hall said.

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The photo, which was shared to Kissy’s photography page, quickly went viral and has been shared more than 7,000 times.

“I am surprised at the response. I am glad people are enjoying them and laughing,” Hall said.

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