Couple Whose Wedding Photos Burned in Fire Gifted With Anniversary Shoot Nearly 40 Years Later

They got to relive their wedding day.

A married couple received the wedding photos they never had in honor of their 38th anniversary

Jennifer and Timothy Bing, of Maryland, who married in July 1979, decided to have their friends take photos instead of hiring a wedding photographer.

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After leaving the rolls of film from the big day at a local store to be developed, the store abruptly burnt down, and all the couple’s wedding day memories were lost.

In another twist of fate, Jennifer’s father died two weeks after the wedding, so it was especially heartbreaking to lose the photos that showed her walking down the aisle with him.

“It was an exciting time but also a really sad time,” Jennifer Bing told

In an effort to help her mother relive those memories, Ashleigh Bing surprised her parents with a special photo shoot, which she shot herself, for their anniversary.

She reached out to makeup artists; provided outfits for both of her parents to wear and even purchased flowers.

"She took my husband and me by total surprise. It’s been 38 years, so why would we expect it?" Jennifer said. "I told her it was long ago, but she knew how sad it made me to not have any pictures. We were in awe."

Ashleigh even made sure that her parent’s favorite songs were playing on a speaker during the photo shoot, including several of the ones played at the couple’s wedding.

"It was phenomenal that she would want to do that for us and put all the effort into it,” Jennifer said.  “I ended up really crying. It was unbelievable."

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Ashleigh said the moment was just as special for her.

“They are people who give so much to me," Ashleigh said. "They’ll never get that day back, but I tried to recreate it, something new for them just to have. I’m really glad that they have these images, even it took almost 40 years to get them.”

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