Maternity Photo Shoot Goes to the Dogs as Pregnant Pup Hilariously Poses for Cameras

She began posing for the photos all on her own.

This pregnant canine made it known that she wanted a maternity photo shoot.

Daquan Collins, 20, said he was outside in the yard of his Florida home when his pregnant Dachshund, Heidi, started posing.

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“I was in the yard with my sister and when she opened the door, Heidi, got outside and was running and she just laid there and started posing in the sun,” Collins told “I told my sister to start taking pictures and I just laid on the ground with her.”

Collins said the 3-year-old dog’s moves were all her own.

“I was like, 'She looks like a little model.’  She was posing and I was like, 'She looks like she is taking maternity pictures,'" Collins said. “My sister was just laughing while taking the photos.”

The photos quickly went viral on Twitter with more than 59,000 retweets. 

This is the second pregnancy for Heidi, and she has no problem with belly rubs.

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“If she is doing something and you walk over she’ll always lay down so you can rub her belly,” Collins said “She is a really happy dog.”

The family thinks Heidi is expecting three puppies and is looking forward to their arrival.

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