Husband and Wife Say They Have Sex Every Day

INSIDE EDITION talks to one married couple who say they have had sex every day throughout their 16 years of marriage.

Athol and Jennifer Kay of Bristol, Connecticut have had sex an astonishing 5,000 times during their 16 years of marriage. That's 86 percent of all their days of matrimony!

"We have had sex more than 5,000 times in our marriage. We're not looking for a record, we're looking to connect to each other," said Jennifer.

Athol dishes on his married life on his popular blog, Married Man Sex Life. He's also written a book, The Married Man Sex Life Primer.

Athol's first tip is to start seducing your wife, even when you're at work. Just send her a playful text.

"Half the time it's completely non-sexual, and sometimes it's, 'so what color are your panties today?' " said Jennifer.

A tender touch is key.

"Just standing in front of the sink doing the dishes, he will come up behind me and give me a hug or touch my shoulder. It lets me know that he's paying attention to me," said Jennifer.

Intimacy works wonders. For example, Jennifer cuts her husband's hair.

"I really cut my husband's hair. It's just one more of those little things to connect us," said Jennifer.

And to ignite the sparks, consider a sustained kiss lasting at least 10 seconds.

"It's those little peck, peck, pecks they do nothing for you, because you actually have to physically connect for a good three, four or five seconds before your brain starts really registering, 'I'm actually kissing another person,' " said Athol.

Good advice. It's certainly worked wonders for this couple.