The Snake in the Lake: Friends Panic as Rattlesnake Slithers Onto Boat

The boaters shared a video of the incident to Twitter in an effort to warn others.

It was not safe to go back in the water after a group of friends were faced with a persistent serpent that slithered into their boat.

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Anthony Baciocco, 19, was out on the water of Folsom Lake in California with some pals when they noticed a rattlesnake in the water.

After they got its attention, the venomous reptile decided it wanted to come aboard, forcing the group to scream in horror.

They pushed the throttle to make their getaway, but the snake would not be deterred.

As they all screamed, the relentless reptile tried to stay on board, but eventually slipped off and back into the water after a few minutes.

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“It was a big rattlesnake and it was being pretty aggressive,” Baciocco told Inside Edition.

Baciocco said that he did not want to get back in the water after the incident, adding: “I was done for the day.”

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