Deer Runs Into Grocery Store and Hangs Out in Aisle

And then he got away.

This deer may have been hungry when he rushed into a local grocery store in Wisconsin.

The deer, which was captured on video, ran right through the front entrance as employees watched the animal speed through the grocery store Monday night.

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“Everyone rallied around and built a human wall in an aisle so it didn’t escape the other way,” John Hope, the assistant store director at Festival Foods, told “[We were thinking], 'How can we get it out safely without scaring it or having it go crazy?'"

The crew opened the emergency exit door in the back of the store so the deer could run out.

“It was kind of scared and just backpedaled,” Hope said. “It didn’t turn around to face the emergency exit so an employee gently nudged it. Once it saw the exit door, it ran out and that was the end.”

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The exit door leads out to a pond and forest, Hope added.

“Everyone was like, 'How the heck did it get in here?'"  Hope said.

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