Fiona the Hippo Reunited With Her Parents for The First Time Since Her Premature Birth

Fiona has been spending time with her mom and sporadically meeting her dad, but this is the first time since birth that the trio has been together.

For the first time since her premature birth, Fiona the hippo has been reunited with both her parents, Bibi and Henry.

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“Today was the first time that the three hippos have been together,” zookeeper Christina Gorsuch of the Cincinnati Zoo said in a statement. “The introduction lasted about an hour, and we couldn’t be more pleased about how it went.”

She explained that Fiona has been getting to know her mom Bibi in the zoo’s outdoor habitat and has had occasional contact with her father, but this was the first time the trio was able to bond as a family since Fiona’s birth.

The baby hippo was born premature in January weighing just 29 pounds, although the typical birth weight of the species is between 55 to 120 pounds.

Fiona now weighs a healthy 375 pounds. She is continuing to make progress and gain weight.

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“It has taken almost six months to reach this major milestone, and it feels great,” Gorsuch said. “Our animal care staff got Fiona through health hurdles and overcame curveballs to get us where we are now.

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