Will Smith's Massive Trailer

It's no surprise that Will Smith lives a luxurious lifestyle, but his massive trailer on the set of Men in Black 3 has some New York City residents up in arms. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Will Smith was mobbed by reporters on the set of his new movie, Men in Black 3, in downtown Manhattan.

The star is coming under fire because of his huge trailer parked right on the street.

It's a $2 million, double-decker mansion on wheels. At 53-feet-long, it has a full kitchen, a spiral staircase, hardwood floors, and seating for 30 people. It even has a nickname. It's called The Heat.

The luxury trailer takes up almost half the block!

The New York Post calls it a "Block Buster."

One woman who lives on the street says the trailer has forced her out of her home.

"I live behind it. It's in front of my place. This is way over the top," said the resident.

In addition to the giant two-story trailer, Smith also has the use of another trailer around the corner that is outfitted as a full gym.

When INSIDE EDITION asked him about the fuss over his trailer, Smith seemed to think it was pretty funny.

"It's hilarious," said Smith.

We counted another 35 trucks belonging to the movie production parked all along the streets in the exclusive SoHo neighborhood.